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    Ex Special Forces Body Guards: Are They Worth Hiring?

      Thanks to the action movies, we think of guys in black suits and advanced communication equipment when we hear of bodyguards. After that, you will probably think of state bodyguards engaging in fights and shootouts to protect the president. However, bodyguards have a little bit of risky job among all professionals. Bodyguards are required to protect both low and high-profile assets across the globe. By definition, a bodyguard is a trained and skilled individual assigned a specific duty to protect an individual. Most bodyguards are contracted to protect high profile people like actors, musicians and politicians. They can also…

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    Guide: How to organize a fashion show

    Are you planning to launch a fashion show but you are hesitant about how to prepare everything correctly so that the fashion show turns into a huge success? Don’t worry, in this guide, you will learn about all the essential…

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    Guide for a Successful Birthday Party

    Have you ever been to a disastrous birthday party? Where there was no fun, appropriate food or worst no music. Well, it was probably an unplanned birthday party. Fortunately, you can plan for a successful birthday party with the guide…

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    How to Prepare for A Pool Party?

    There is much preparation before a fun and entertaining pool party. You will undoubtedly want both your guest and you to have an excellent time during the pool party. Hence, it is vital to make proper arrangements so that you…